Strategy GraphThe Enigma Group has in place a clear strategy when it comes to identifying and investing in new business opportunities.

Our ethos is to recognise unique and innovative businesses which are based on solid foundations and around a strong management team. We nurture these opportunities with our expertise and experience, whilst maintaining the business' existing management structure.

We aim to spot room for improvement and add value to businesses by providing support, guidance and funding in order to unlock hidden potential and foster accelerated growth and profitability. We intend to achieve our aims by following the principles and philosophy that the Enigma Group stands for.

The Enigma Group ultimately wishes to work in a strategic partnership with other companies and is always open to investing its time and money in trustworthy and reliable businesses, which have a passionate and committed management team, potential for growth and a clear vision for expansion.

By working together, the Enigma Group is able to bring industry professionals with accumulated financial, management and operational knowledge of building, investing and managing companies, to the partnership.

This expertise, in combination with the provision of funds and the desire to retain and empower existing management teams, is our basis for enhancing and enriching businesses to be more successful, commercially stronger and more financially viable.

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