healthcareEnigma Healthcare Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Enigma Group, designed to provide the highest quality of out-of-hours healthcare for patients.

Enigma Healthcare Ltd's mission is to offer a consistent, reliable and cost-effective healthcare service, working on behalf of the NHS, with patient care firmly at the heart of the business.

We wish to share best medical practice across all areas in which we work in and centre our business around the core elements of training and education.

Enigma Healthcare intends to make out of hours care more efficient, streamlined and straightforward, benefitting both patients and GPs. We will simplify the process for patients to receive care, including offering advice by phone and arranging consultations with GPs, if required.

The main aim of Enigma Healthcare is to ensure that the correct assessments are made and the best courses of action are taken to provide round-the-clock, quality care, with the first concern being the welfare of the patients.

We are convinced that our business is able to offer swift, helpful and effective care, where patients' needs are always our number one priority.

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